Imhotek - Consultancy & Development

Imhotek UK Ltd carries out IT consultancy and development projects. Although based in the UK, we have a wide reach with partners in Australia, Asia and the Americas. Our customers have included major Banks, Service and Infrastructure organisations, Communications giants, Global network providers and many small businesses.


IT projects of any sort notoriously run late and over budget. The teams get larger closer to the deadline, in the belief that this will help. The project deliveries are disappointing.

One of our favourite cartoons is the 'tree swing' - shown below. We recognise the importance of working closely with the customer and determining the exact nature of the problem, then providing frequent feedback and decision points to ensure we deliver what was actually wanted. One of our project managers will become the central point of contact and manage the project from start to finish.

Of course, delivery is the first part in the journey; we endeavour to ensure that customers are fully able to manage the deliverables, but provide support for further changes, for as long as is required.


We have architected, installed, support and built many systems and applications for customers, often to bridge gaps between two disparate systems, but also to provide complete applications uniquely tailored to their needs. Sometimes we've simply been asked to carry out due diligence, or test other peoples work. Skills and systems include:

  • Linux, Windows, Android, IOS
  • Cloud environments; e.g. AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Softlayer
  • C++, Java, Perl, Phython etc.
  • HTML, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular JS
  • Database systems, including many SQL servers, NoSQL, e.g. Mongo, Pouch/CouchDB, Tyrant
  • Email systems; Exchange, Domino, exim, sendmail, Office365, GSuite etc.

We provide consultancy from systems design, development, IT project and systems management, right up to IT Director or CTO placement.

Here are some examples of work that we have undertaken:

Billing system

A billing system developed to monitor and report on resource usage in order to bill customers monthly on a resource usage basis. Lost earnings identified after one month effectively paid for the development costs.

Exchange – SMS gateway

A native Windows gateway provided two-way communications – e-mail to SMS and back again, used by maintenance and sales field agents for a large corporate

Email migrations

Many projects undertaken, including development of a software email ‘mover’ platform to migrate email messages from legacy systems into Microsoft Exchange. Other projects involved project management, and production of detailed processes including necessary scripts/operations in order to move large numbers of users from one mail system to another

Email installations

Many installations of messaging systems; Microsoft Exchange, CommuniGate, sendmail, exim, Office365. Integration of SIP systems and security (enti-virus/spam etc.)

Testing systems

Development of software used to test the performance of various Internet protocols over satellite networks. Used by major operator for many years to ensure that new services and terminals introduced adhered to operational requirements

Technical Authoring

For example: Production of (mainly) user guides to allow non-technical users (e.g. journalists) to operate satellite technologies in the field.

Network Efficiency

Production of software to proxy IP protocols, providing caching and compression in order to save bandwidth, used in low bandwidth (satellite) networks


Architect and build of a major anti-spam system, capable of handling 100million messages per day. Used by many customers (mainly in Asia). Largest customer controlled 50,000 users.

Messaging Intelligence

Architect and development of major system to collect and analyse messaging traffic, in order to produce analysis of relationship networks formed between messaging users.

Web apps

Development of numerous web applications; most recent using NodeJS for backend APIs and Angular 7+ for frontend. For example; an application to graphically show relationship networks, an application to create and control subscriptions (with Stripe integration)

Mobile apps

Applications produced using the ionic framework; cross platform IOS, Android and Web. For example; an Archery scoring app, an email scraping app, an event management app.

Complex system architecture

Architecture of complex systems, integrating many components. For example; an events management system including Mobile App, web app, email notifications, mobile notifications, NoSQL database system, iCal + Excel integration, Payment processing and subscription management.


The name Imhotek was originally derived from the Egyptian character "Imhotep" who was one of the first physician and architects of ancient Egypt. As we intended to both fix and architect solutions for our customers - it seemed appropriate.

Others have noted that 'In My Humble Opinion' (IMHO) TEK is also thrown in their for good measure. The "Mummy" films changed Imhotep into a rather nasty character, but people started saying "Imhotek, I think I've heard of you", much to our delight and amusment.

The Tree Swing

A similar cartoon was first seen in the 1960's in the UK. A new version is penned every year. It would seem that issues with projects are common - just ask Dilbert. We aim to help and get to the last image as-soon-as-possible :-)

Tree swing